Shark Cage Diving with Great Whites in Cape Town

The opportunity to swim in the ocean with nothing more than a couple inches of steel between myself a Great White shark has long been on my bucket list.Great Whites are painted as the scourge of the ocean and inspire terror among beach goers all over the world. In my eyes, this apex predator is one of the most awe inspiring creatures on the planet and truly a sight to behold. South Africa and Australia are renowned for the Great Whites that patrol their coastlines in search for surfers and seals alike. Cape Town was on my itinerary for a week in April and is a fantastic launch pad for booking a diving expedition. On the recommendation from a friend, I booked through Shark Quests and could not have been more pleased. The package included round-trip pickup from my friend’s house in Cape Town, breakfast and coffee at their headquarters before our departure, and an overall fantastic experience at a reasonable rate. One of the primary reasons I booked through Shark Quests was their emphasis on smaller diving groups, versus other companies who tend to overload their boats with make more money. Our group was extremely friendly and consisted of a group of nurses from Texas, a young Mexican banker with his newlywed bride, and several groups of friendly European travelers. Our guide was a charismatic and extremely knowledgeable native South African with over ten years of experience in the industry. Here’s some footage of the trip.


Being in the cage was one of the few times I’ve lamented not owning a GoPro, but several of my fellow divers did and certainly got their money’s worth. The speed and precision in which they mark their target is uncanny for a creature of that size and they are most certainly worthy of their throne atop the food chain. I almost had to change my bathing suit after one of the larger sharks decided to charge the cage and gnash his rows of jagged, yellowing scimitars against the bars. This in itself was worth the price of admission. If you happen to be in Cape Town and shark cage diving is on your bucket list, Shark Quests is definitely the company for you!


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